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About Us

Waldine Small

Family Help Systems, Inc. is a Non-Profit Organization founded by Waldine Small. Waldine is a Licensed Chemical Dependency Counselor (LCDC) and Certified Faith-Based Counselor. She holds a Masters Degree in Scriptural Psychology.

Service encompasses individual/group sessions, support groups, and life skills. Sessions are conducted by Certified Faith-Based Counselors and Licensed Counselors.

As founder of this organization, I recognized the needs of families of Offenders and Ex-Offenders while being employed at the LeBlanc Pre-Release Prison of TDCJ as a Substance Abuse Counselor Intern. I was aware of the help that the Inmates were getting while incarcerated. They were getting counseling which would help affect positive changes once they were free again. But the problem was that their families on the other hand did not get the help needed to make effectual changes. Also, I realized once a family member is incarcerated, that in reality the family’s finances are usually depleted due to legal fees. Because of limited finances the needs of these families go unmet.

Without both parties getting help to make changes in their lives, this would cause recidivism. Inmates often questioned me about free or low-cost programs available in this area to help their children and loved ones, but there was no place to refer them. Family Helps Systems was founded as a solution to this problem.

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